This started as a joke suggestion from one of my Transformers: Earth Wars alliance mates. We had been tossing ideas back and forth for laughs about the Autobots having to volunteer to do a calendar for charity purposes, and Grimlock decided he was going to be Mr. November.  This is another in my “Transformers in Pinup Poses” series. This is actually the smallest picture in the series, and was one of the harder ones to color, because of Grimlock’s canon color scheme. I have actually met the voice actor for the character, and he’s a very awesome guy, as are pretty much all of the Transformers voice actors and actresses.

This was sketched on medium tooth sketch paper, photographed with my iPhone, and cleaned up and colored in GIMP. It was finished in the early hours of 4/1/2017, and the artwork is copyright to D.E.A. Grant. Grimlock and the Transformers franchise are copyright to Hasbro and Takara.


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