And here is the last of the FCBD prints for this year. I have to be honest. I really do not like Starscream. Yes, I found his Transformers Animated version tolerable, and sometimes humorous (Death Montage, anyone?), but overall, I would rather not have to draw him again. If I get a commission for him, I will, but for the heck of it, or for practice? That isn’t likely to happen. I would much rather draw Soundwave or Shockwave, or even Megatron.

The original sketch was drawn on medium-tooth sketch paper, refined and finessed on layers of tracing paper, scanned, then finished in GIMP. It was completed on 4/22/2017. Starscream, Transformers Animated, and the Transformers franchise are copyright to Hasbro and Takara. This piece of artwork, however, is copyright to D.E.A. Grant.


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